Cotton Bains

Successfully training and coaching a large variety of individual athletes and teams for over 25 years.

PE Instructor

I am an educational College graduate and a vocational teacher

Basketball Coach

I acted as a founder and coach of the Richterswil Tigers Basketball Club for over 20 years.

Mental Coach

Through education, professional training and my own experiences I have acquired a set of tools that allows me to support my clients in successfully obtaining their goals.

Outdoor Person

I am a passionate hiker, biker, inline skater, basketball player and hammock lover...

Top Athlete

My experience as a 400m runner shaped my mindset, the connection to my body and taught me respect for health and mobility. I learnt to appraise an effort and to be grateful for every success achieved.

Personal Trainer

I am convinced that a personalized training is the most effective and successful. As a personal trainer, I can share my knowledge and the beautiful experiences of my life with sport as an important expression of my own identity with others.
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